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Courtyard House

Over the past ten years, my company, Ovation Builders, has had an ongoing relationship with Outlaw Design. I have had many clients approach our firm to remodel, add, or build new homes. As we are not a design-build firm as such, we have and continue to recommend Ruth Ellen Outlaw as a source for architectural design.

From experience, we have found that Ruth Ellen listens to a client’s needs and comes back with several creative options that meet those goals- all in a timely fashion.

Other architects we have worked with have not had the ability to generate early sketches that can take the design to such a swift conclusion. As a result, some projects take much longer for us to develop, as well as the client paying for more detailed drawing than is needed in the early stages of design. She is quick to come up with alternatives to reworking plans when necessary to bring costs in lower while still keeping the same “flavor” and integrity of the design. Ruth Ellen’s approach, interpreting the owner’s vision quickly and creatively, greatly assists our clients and the clients she works with independently.

We look forward to many more projects to come working with Outlaw Design.

Tony Wilson
Owner, Ovation Builders LLC