If you’ll donate $200 to help save wildlife , we’ll give you 3 hours of design time, including
– meetings with a designer to discuss your project
– sketches of what your ideas will look like
– an estimate of the cost of construction from a licensed contractor

Here’s how it works:

Discuss your property with a design professional and a licensed contractor to visualize how much better your house or a property you’re considering purchasing can look, feel and function.

A cost estimate for construction will help you understand the cost of the changes.

We offer this service in exchange for a $200 gift to a charity that supports wildlife conservation.

To schedule your consultation, call Ruth Ellen Outlaw at 434-971-9914 (home office) or 434-996-7849 (cell).  If you’re a prospective buyer of a property, please bring your realtor along.

At the end of our on-site consultation, you can give your check for $200 that’s made out to one of the organizations below* to Ruth Ellen.  She will mail it directly to the one you’ve selected.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The Wildlife Center of Virginia

World Wildlife Fund

*you may donate to an alternate organization of your choice.

Look at our Before and After page to see how a house can be changed!  This service incurs no further obligation.  Additional services are available upon request.